Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy Independence Day 2009!

Every year, I happily draw caricatures at a local country club's Independence Day festivities. This year was a little different, for several reasons:
1. It was unseasonably cool, so much so I needed a jacket as it got dark...
2. Usually the lawn is home to swarms of gnats and mosquitos--not this year!
And, in the almost-full-moon department:
3. I took a 5-minute break to use the ladies room (something I ordinarily try not to do if I can avoid it, as there were so many waiting to be drawn) and two little girls followed me, asking, "Are you the caricature lady? Are you done? Are you coming back? We want to be drawn!!"
4. At the end, I had a rather inebriated dad offer me $100 to draw his child after I had closed the line, and again after I had closed up my easel (!) He offered the same to the face painter! Well, we politely turned him down just as the fireworks began.
What never changes is how much Americans enjoy celebrating their country!

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