Thursday, July 23, 2009

Fair night #3 and more synchronicity

Last night at my fair, I had a unique caricature experience---drawing goats--AND a reunion with a long-lost customer! First, the goats:

Kimberton Fair is a real, old-fashioned pie-eating-contest-fair queen-baked-goods-competition-livestock type of fair. My caricature booth is situated somewhat near the animals. The previous night, these two nice ladies stopped by and asked if I'd ever drawn a goat before. I said, "No, but I'm game!" So yesterday, before the fair actually started, they brought their beloved 14-year-old mama goat and her kid to be drawn. They posed like they'd been doing it every day---which they do, for shows!

I was very touched to see they hung the drawing with all their show ribbons.

This family above is very special to me. I used to draw the couple every year at another fair that I did (til 2002) when I was first starting out, but no longer. When I moved on to doing parties and ballgames, I had no way of finding them...til last night!!! While I was drawing the goats, they (and their little daughter whom I had never seen) were having dinner at the sausage-sandwich stand next to me. I heard the dad remark that they used to always get a caricature before they were married and were due for another one...and THEN I looked over at them, and recognized them!!!!!
We were all quite happy to see one another, and now I have their contact info. I am so glad they decided to eat at Nick's!

Now here's a young man who's been a regular at THIS fair since he was a baby. It wouldn't be Kimberton to me without seeing Xavier and his family!

These two sisters were fun to draw!

This young man has already used his caricature as his Facebook avatar (he joined my fan page already!) Thanks Andy!
And another night has gone by with nary a raindrop.

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  1. Em - fun stuff! Those goats looked appreciative, as did the other hilarious faces you nailed! Where's the link on your blog for your awesome comic strip work in the new EF??? Lovin' your comic stylee baby! Keep on keeping the rubes in check at the fair...