Tuesday, July 21, 2009

First night of the Fair!

No raindrops were seen on the cloudy first night of Kimberton Fair, but there were lots of smiling faces to caricature. And if the sitters weren't smiling, then their PARENTS were! :-)

Here is my setup. When I arrived, I was annoyed to find out that someone had parked a big unattended storage-type RV in my usual parking spot next to my booth. After checking with the office, who said it could not be moved right then, I pulled up to within 2" of the offending vehicle--but my car took up almost half my tent! Grrrrr. At all the other years of this fair, it (as are the cars of other outside vendors) has been right next to me...to hold extra stuff and as a refuge against the inevitable swiftly-approaching thunderstorms that are always a feature of this particular July week. Well, we'll see if it's there tonight....
Below is the first drawing of many, I hope!

The above little guy was on the shy side. His mom tickled him to get the big smile that's in the drawing! She also told me that he loved Thomas the Tank Engine. When my kids were small, I used to be able to draw Thomas without any reference, but not anymore. My trusty Blackberry with Google Image Search solved that problem!

Finally,here's a view of my cramped little tent at the end of the night. I actually couldn't find my old xmas-lights that I always used in the past, due to an overenthusiastic closet cleaning-out earlier this year, so I bought some of those newfangled rope lights. Much easier to put up!

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