Sunday, July 19, 2009


The Police sang about it, but it's not something on my mind most days, until...
At an afternoon gig yesterday, which was a 'family entertainment day' for a shopping center, an engaged couple came up to be caricatured. We got to talking about their impending nuptials, and I mentioned that weddng caricatures for sign-in boards were quite popular (in fact, there was a wedding yesterday that featured one of mine--I am hoping to get photos from the bride's family soon). She mentioned that they'd seen ads for the event, and came specifically to be drawn-- because she'd had their DOG caricatured nearby on Valentine's Day-- and she LOVED IT! I sat there laughing, and said, "THAT WAS ME who drew it!!!!"
The ad had merely said " have a caricature done", and she hadn't recognized me with short hair...because she then pulled out her cell phone to show me photos of me drawing her dog, and the actual caricature itself!! :-) :-) :-)

I drew some other really interesting faces, too, including the people in the stores near where I was situated, and the juggler who entertained along with me..

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