Saturday, May 22, 2010

Another tenth year at this one!

Last night---haha, no, make that this morning, I drew high school seniors celebrating their afterprom-- "down the shore".

I worked alongside the insane artistic antics of colleague John Sprague...

We were situated at the end of a hall in the "boardwalk" area so that there'd be room for our inevitable huge line. An awesome sign (made me squeal) was provided for us:

"CHARICATURE" strikes again!!!!! :-D :-D :-D

Here are a few of my subjects:

Close quarters meant it was easy for me to photograph John's crazy creative crafting (I'm alliterating as hard as I can for ya, John) so here is one of his spot-colored scream-inducing caricatures. :-)

One more post-prom for me to get through tonight. I have two cans of Red Bull left!!

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  1. Awesome and way to go you two! Wish I was there to draw alongside you guy's, it would be an honour for me!