Friday, May 28, 2010

My Friday night guilty pleasure...

...not really! There's no guilt involved, just pleasure. My friend Lar de Souza has been broadcasting on Ustream, on Friday nights, for quite some time now. If I'm home, I like to watch and listen as he invites all his internet friends into his suburban Toronto studio-- for a peek at his working methods...and his cats, his hats, and whatever else strikes his fancy.

As Lar draws, I usually have Photoshop open too, so I can try out things as he does them. This particular evening, I've been sketching Danny Trejo for an online caricature competition on Facebook. I could not resist doing a screen shot as dear Lar donned his 'Tim the Enchanter' hat...
By the way, Lar's bodacious beard has its own FB page too. :-)

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