Sunday, May 16, 2010

'Around the world' after-prom

After my Saturday afternoon gig, I went home and napped (tried to, anyway) for a few hours before heading to another high school after-prom. This one started off with an airplane entrance, airport ticket counters in the lobby, and foreign destinations everywhere within...

This school had the best decorated location for the soft pretzels that are so popular nowadays at events:

The Irish section was festooned with green:

But it was the English section that had me smiling:

because the Beatles have been my musical idols since I was 13...
My beloved Pythons were also represented:

"Go away, or I shall taunt you a second time!"

Look, Mandy made it onto the double-decker bus with some very prominent Brits!

Oh yeah, I did draw dozens of caricatures, along with my colleague Julie, whom I haven't seen since my Philly ballpark days. We were also very lucky to have the services of two moms, who bagged our caricatures, tended our line and fetched us Rita's Water Ice! (Thank you, ladies!)
We drew a lot of kids:

And to top it all off, we were treated to live music, and not just ANY music, Beatles music, and several songs!! This was a group of high school students!! They also played some Cars music, so I was happy...

I would have video'd more, but I was simultaneously trying to draw with my other hand--and at that hour, not enough brain cells were functioning to do both :-D

One other thing that this school does, which is very cool, is a Community Run-Through preceding the after-prom. Anyone from the school district can come in to see the decorations and leave notes or gifts for the graduating seniors. That's really a nice way to share with everyone in their area. Kudos to another fantastic after-prom committee!

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