Saturday, May 8, 2010

After-prom...under the sea

Even though it's only early afternoon, I can say I've already worked a four-hour gig today... at a high school after-prom, whose theme was 'Under the Sea.' Along with some very cool teenage faces that I got to draw, wait until you see how cleverly decorated the rest rooms were!!

There was even a big wooden sign for me. Gotta love the attempt at illustrating the word 'caricature'-- and especially love the fact that it's spelled correctly! :-)

I decided to video the reaction of these two characters, who had a huge audience behind me cracking jokes to them:

When I'd arrived at the school at my customary half-hour preceding the start time, the students were not there yet and the parents were still frantically finishing final details. When I asked one mom where the rest rooms were, she said, you HAVE to see the boys' room as well as the girls' room. And she was right!
1st pic is the entry way to the boys' lav, check out the urinal in the 2nd one, and the third is the sink area---just too cute!!

Now check out the STALLS!!

The girls' room was mermaid overload:

After seeing both these rooms, I came out and applauded the parents, telling them that they had the best-decorated lavs I'd seen in doing years of after-proms. They beamed!

Finally, in a bit of serendipity, I ran into a high school friend I'd just seen (and drawn!) at my own reunion a few weeks back, whose daughter attends this school---I had no idea! So, thanks Joann and hubby, for the care you took of me all night!

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