Monday, May 3, 2010

Wedding reception!

Wedding receptions are always so much fun to do! On Saturday evening, in an indigo-blue-lighted tent, I drew the lovely bride and handsome groom, and many of their guests. It proved so popular that I was asked to stay longer...

Another distinctive aspect of this wedding reception was the choice of music. Between the bridal couple and the very affable DJ, they came up with some very non-traditional songs rendered in a traditional way. In the midst of drawing, my ears really perked up when I heard a lounge singer (I didn't recognize the voice) sing the line "she's overbored and self assured" !! It turned out to be a very swinging version of Nirvana's 'Smells likeTeen Spirit'. I asked the DJ, Carl Jr, at the end about it and he said it was Paul Anka's version. What a fun night!
Congratualtions, Lindsay and Jeff!

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