Saturday, May 15, 2010

A Day in Paris

On Saturday afternoon, I donned my beret and striped shirt to join some senior citizens for a luncheon a la francaise. I don't think I've ever drawn to Edith Piaf or the Marseillaise before! :-)
These seniors were quite a happy group!

The menu and all the room signs were written in French. The two lovely young ladies below helped serve, and one of them even sang a song in French...they were my last sitters.

I told them that now that I was done drawing senior citizens for the day, that later tonght I'd be drawing the OTHER kind of seniors (the high school variety at a post-prom!)

Update: I received some very nice feedback from the reverend who booked me. I can't thank HER enough for the wonderful opportunity to meet and draw some of her older congregation. :-)

Emily was fabulous in every way. Our Senior Luncheon guests loved her and we would hire her again in a heartbeat without a moment's hesitation. Thank you, Emily, with all our hearts. Your friends at the First Presbyterian Church

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