Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Aaaaaarrrgghh: The Pirate after-prom

Ahoy, mateys!

Early this morning, I set sail for another high-school post-prom. This one had an actual promenade going in, each couple was announced as they walked the plank into the school:

past some sea-shanty-singing shady characters:

and a cafeteria that included a (dry, haha, no rum here) bar:

I set up my easel near this swashbuckling guy:

The seniors came in, and quickly changed out of their finery for the standard post-prom attire of shorts and t-shirts, but before this couple did, I had to have a photo of them. Loved the complimentary colors and I took her to be the artistic type...then she told me she made their corsages out of duct tape!

So shiver me timbers! now for the caricatures!

(Above) These two young ladies got in line ten minutes before I started (that's a compliment!) and when they sat down, they gave me the gift of funny expressions to draw!!
(Below) Sorry it's a tad blurry, but this couple was such a contrast--she was bubbly, and his pals were ribbing him for not smiling. He smiled when he saw the caricature!

Some more couples. I love all the variety!

Of course, the ladies' room is always my last stop on post-prom gigs. (Yes, I drank more Red Bull :-) This one was another laugh-inducing success. The second photo is from an intereresting vantage point...

...inside the stall!!

Well, unless I get a last-minute call for another one, that was my last after-prom this year. It's so much fun seeing the creativity of the parent committees who come up with and make a reality of their themes.
Til next year! Now it's on to graduation parties...


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