Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Project Grad and some caricature statistics...

Last night and early this morning, I did a huge Project Grad party with seven other artists. This year, they had us spread out on the elevated track in the gym rather than crammed in a crowded conference room:

It was a five-hour event, into the wee hours, so my preparations included a little cooler of Red Bull! The kids came running en masse and the drawing started. I'd taken photos of the first few, and then someone asked if I took photos of ALL my caricatures. I replied 'usually not'...but then thought, 'why not?'
So, without further ado, here is EVERY drawing I did at this event, in order. I drew 73 people in five hours; that's a rate of 14.6 every hour. It took me approximately four minutes to complete each face. There were forty separate drawings: seven triples, nineteen doubles, and fourteen singles. The ratio of girls to boys was 52:21.
I did not take a break (which is sort of a bad thing healthwise; but I get in the zone and almost forget! Plus a thoughtful student brought me a soda and a plate of goodies to munch while I was drawing.)


  1. You are amazing Emily. I am so impressed by the way you churn out such impressive artwork in such short time. Glad to see the ol' red bull buzz comes in handy! Reading your article this morning has already made my day. I've got my first, true 'live' gig today at a wedding fair where I'll be doing 'em free for bride and grooms to be. Thanks for being my inspiration and kick up the wotsit to succeed in this toon world that I too adore. Best wishes and continuing success, Tony from the UK!

  2. Thank you Tony, your words mean alot to me (and made MY day! :-).
    When I started caricaturing in the late nineties, it was pre-internet time for me-- so I had no source of continuing inspiration for several years other than the one caricaturist I had seen briefly at an art fair. But I kept at it, and that's why I can do what I do today! Good luck to you!!

  3. Well done Emily! And with tonal shading! You didn't mention that in your stats!

  4. Thanks, Paul! Yes, I always shade my BW caricatures with Prismacolor artstix, and add a background color as well (in this case it was the school color--green). I'm also using a Copic Wide marker frequently now for dark hair masses, which is faster to use than the artstick.