Friday, June 25, 2010

Avoiding art-caused carpal tunnel...

Every vocation on earth must have its inherent risks, and being an artist is no exception. In my case, beyond the mental ones (haha, more on that some other time) I find that I am prone to occasional wrist, shoulder and back pain, depending on what I'm doing. For live caricaturing, having my arm raised to draw on a French easel can bother my shoulder and mid-back if I do it for too long or too frequently. When I use my Wacom Intuos alot or am drawing flat, my wrist tends to bother me. However, thanks to my friend Nick, I found a little gizmo that helps! It's called a Dynaflex Pro, and it works by having a spinning internal gyro within a ball that you twist in your hand. I was a little skeptical when I tried it, but it really does make your wrist exercise in ways it normally cannot. And after you use it, your entire arm feels rejuvenated! ( well, mine does!)

Here's a little video of it in action:

Yeah, I went for the one with LED lights... :-)

Contest: Name that tune! I'll do a free digital line-drawing caricature of the first person who can tell me what song is playing in the background...


  1. Thanks Emily for posting this -I'll have to check it out. I never seem to rest my hand appropriately these days.

  2. No clue on the music. Based on your recommendation I ordered one, hope it works as well for me as it does for you! Thanks!

  3. Thanks, guys! I actually got mine on Ebay and saved a little money on it, but even if I had paid full retail price, it's still worth it IMHO.