Sunday, June 13, 2010

Country club pool party

A tent was set up for me poolside...

where I drew kid after kid after kid! :-)

This last photo has quite the story to go with it. These two boys sat for one of the first caricatures, (note older brother's dry hair in the drawing) when I'd just arrived. I asked the mom if I could photograph them since younger brother had HUGE attitude and style (check out those glasses--I never DID see his eyes!). Anyway, Little BRO adamantly did NOT want his photo taken so I didn't force it. They left and I was a little bummed to have not gotten one, but quickly forgot as my line formed and fun was had by all...
Later, right when my allotted time was up, they came back. The mom conspiratorially sat him in the chair, with her body between me and them, saying, "we're just going to sit here in the shade for a minute, buddy." She then stepped away and I snapped away! But not fast enough for the little guy to react "NOOOOOOOOOOO!"


  1. Hi Emily, nice work! I'm just getting into doing cari's and am having it's nice to check out your work for inspiration :)

  2. Why, thank you Eddie! :-) Good luck with your caricaturing endeavors!