Tuesday, June 1, 2010

June: the month of weddings, graduations, and...

...teacher retirements!

And it's for that milestone that these seven digital caricatures were created by yours truly. The school colors are maroon and grey, so I incorporated them into all the compositions. The photo above is of the actual prints that I made for the client (they're actually seven separate 5 x 7 paintings, but I butted them up against each other to print). The client then provided 8 x 10 mats and I hand-lettered the school logo on each one. Now they'll be signed by the non-retiring staff of the school and presented to those lucky retirees.


  1. These look great Emily, good to see your busy!

  2. Thanks, Niall!!! Wish I was busy enough to buy a....new......carrrrrrrr...
    :-D (hahah congrats!)