Thursday, June 17, 2010

Two grad parties in one night!

Last night, I drew an awful lot of eighth-graders celebrating the fact that they were no longer eighth-graders! My night was actually split for two different Catholic schools. One party was held at a beautiful country club, the other in the upstairs of a neighborhood restaurant. Luckily, they were in fairly close proximity to each other...
My evening started in a 1901 stone banquet hall situated on the golf course:

where I drew color-with-body caricatures since there were only nine students:

After I got my photo, the parents took theirs!

This young man told me his girlfriend attended the school whose party I'd be doing after his! He told me her name and said to look out for her, and tell her I'd just drawn HIM.

I drove a bit and ended up here:

Here's a few faces:

And here's the exuberant young lady whose boyfriend from the other school had already texted her about my caricatures!

This is the view from behind my easel:

and here are the remains, of the cake where (funnily enough) no one wanted to disturb the icing photo! (except for one missing face someone dabbed off)

Congrats on your graduation to all of you! :-)

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