Friday, July 30, 2010

Friday at the Fair

The weather was beautiful, the rides were whizzing, the food was sizzling and the caricatures were cranking!

These three sisters were drawn in succession, their mom told me they had driven an hour and a half to get a caricature from me. Wow!!!!! They were friends with the family of the little kids shown below:

...whom I'd drawn two years ago and whose photo was on my sample board! Click here to see my drawing from then. Scroll down to the photo of "Ethan and Claire".

I had a blast drawing this couple, especially her hair!

This little boy said "Oooooooh!" when I used my Copic Wide marker to do both his sister's and his hair.
Below, my colleague Gary was starting to think he'd never get to do a non-baseball theme at this fair. However, tonight a couple came up and asked him for a theme caricature...he asked what theme, and they said "STRIPPER!"

Her reaction:

Her BF said it was fun watching passersby react to what Gary was drawing!

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