Wednesday, June 15, 2011

6th grade Luau party

Yesterday afternoon, in perfect weather,  I drew sixth-graders who were saying "Aloha" to elementary school...
The kids had all sorts of indoor and outdoor activities to choose from. My lei'd easel managed to avoid being the target of water balloons!  I was right outside the all-purpose room and heard the strains of 'Cotton-Eyed Joe' for the nth time in my caricature career...  ;-)

There were a few teachers in the mix, too!
I kept track of numbers at this gig. I had 56 pieces of pre-written paper, (School name- 2011 Sixth grade ALOHA!) and did all singles but for one quadruple, (seen above) two triples, and two doubles. That means I did 65 people in four hours, at a rate of 16.25 faces per hour...that's one every three minutes and 41 seconds. 

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