Monday, June 13, 2011

Another grad party!

On Sunday afternoon, I was off to another young lady's graduation party, held at her home with a TON of family and friends (with great faces!) to draw...
Here is the graduate with her BF, in glorious Prismacolor.
This young man was reluctant to be drawn at first, but relented later on. :-)
I'm glad I didn't draw all her hair! Or I wouldn't have been able to fit him (and his beer) in!
Another couple thrilled to get drawn ;-)
These two were in love with their phones. These days, who isn't??
The sisters below were being very, well, sisterly, hence the title on their caricature. They told me about their nephew (or maybe it was a grandson, can't remember now) who likes to draw. I told them to tell him to draw every day!
Another cute couple...
This guy told me "I" made him look like Dr. Evil???? I said, it wasn't me who did that!
Crazy Phillies hat, check. Ear gauges, check. Silly expressions, check check check! :-)
Brianna's cake was as pretty as her! Congratulations, and thank you (and your family) for having me!

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