Monday, June 6, 2011

A friendly neighborhood picnic

Saturday evening's festivity was a neighborhood block party held in a backyard. Every year, a different neighbor hosts, and this particular year it was a family I'd drawn twice previously at Boy Scout banquets: (this is the one I just did for them, they needed a color version!)
Their family room had a whole wall of my stuff framed, I was pretty overcome on seeing it!:-) Wow, what a compliment!
In the yard, I had a tent to myself to work in. The tent next to mine featured the young daughter of the family running a tie-dyed shirt operation, and she ran it like a pro! I should have gotten a photo, but my head was in serious caricature mode...
Here are a few guests--I guess this neighborhood will all have family room walls adorned with my stuff!

Thank you for having me!! I have such wonderful clients!

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