Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Graduation shindig with eleven other caricaturists!

This high school was using a disproportionately large number of available caricaturists yesterday for its graduation celebration. I know---I was one of them!  The plan was to house all twelve of us under two 10' by 10' EZ-Up tents in the middle of a field. Well, that proved to be just too close-quarters, so, with permission, five of us escaped to a nice shady grove of trees across the way. Below: both caricature locations in full swing...
My partners-in-crime for the day were the usual suspects: John Sprague and Pat Harrington...
Below: a sampling of my afternoon's artistic output.

 Above: this couple desperately wanted their fifty-two-years-teaching history instructor in their caricature with them. He'd taught her mom!

 The Mountain Dew can was a requirement for this one. They did not want to explain why... ;-)
On my one ladies-room break in four hours, I was in the stall and overheard two girls complaining about their caricature.
"This doesn't look anything like us..."
"They never do-- I don't know why I ever wait for these things..."
Naturally, I was curious to see what their caricature looked like, so when I arrived at the sinks, I saw it was MY drawing of them!!!! A case of self-image vs. the artist's perception...  ;-)
Here are a few shots of Pat and John at work:
Pat did so many quartets and even quintets yesterday! He is crazy!
John had 'em squirming too!
Now for your viewing pleasure, caricature reactions to the work of all three of us:

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