Thursday, June 16, 2011

Eighth grade graduation-dance

On Tuesday night, I found myself in New York!
Well, not really. ;-) It was a sophisticated, New-York-themed, eighth graders' graduation celebration held in their church basement. The parents did a stupendous job of decorating...
the city scenes are shower curtains!
Here's a couple of the kids:

There were twenty-nine students that I did in two hours here. The parents opted for mats, so I customized them with "Class of 2011" instead of the paper as I normally would. A parent helper bagged them for me and whisked them away so the kids didn't have to deal with them at the dance. Later, I got to see where they went----into gift bags for each kid:
The bathroom decorations here definitely stood out. First, the boys' room:
Glow in the dark graffiti!!
The girls' room was all Breakfast at Tiffany's:
Finally, a little snippet of the atmosphere:

Kids today love this song...and sing along! ;-)

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