Saturday, June 11, 2011

Caricaturama- Courtney Love

Words can't describe how pitiful this woman is...but a caricature can!
It's really a shame, she once did have musical and acting talent.
Here's the link to CS3K so you can see how many caricaturists nailed this week's subject.
I used some wonderful Photoshop smoke brushes from a site called Brusheezy.


  1. Addiction is rarely about the addiction itself, and those who grew up in stable, loving households are apt to shout "just get over it!" It's never that simple.

  2. I wonder if Frances Bean Cobain (Courtney's daughter) wishes her mother would "just get over it"...

    Anonymous, of course it is a complex issue. Whatever addiction springs from (and it can happen in stable, loving households as well) it is a sad waste...

  3. A great one Emily! Thanks for the heads up on those smoke brushes - something I've been looking out for for a while. I'm sure you know about them already but have you tried Chris Wahl's custom brushes? Anything to add a bit of texture to our digital creations!

  4. HI Will, yes I use Chris's brushes too. He is very generous for sharing them!