Monday, July 16, 2012

And still more caricatures from the Great White North

Calgary has a tradition of pancake breakfasts all over the city, at public and private events during the Stampede. Kelly and I found ourselves drawing every morning at 7 am...I know I've never caricatured at that hour at home!!
At this one, on a patio adjoining an office building, I was offered a vodka-and-orange juice! I said, "Um, do you want your drawings to be any good???"
This guy took out his partial plate so I could draw him au natural!
These are 8.5 x 11. This size does have its advantages for the subjects as it's easier to carry around and is easily copied and framed.
Three happy faces, I guess they all drank their  screwdrivers with their pancakes!

Next up was an afternoon corporate party. Thankfully it was back to 11 x 14 paper, which is way better for group caricatures...
Five in the above one! Then some single ones...back to drawing big!

These are some Calgary caricaturists that I met at this event, Mark and Garry. They use printed borders which are very popular with the much so, that when people asked if I had the printed paper, and I replied no, they preferred to go to an artist that did...
At another breakfast gig, this was the sight just outside the window where I was set up. Some of the venues we had were dark restaurants, (nice ambiance but poor drawing conditions) so we always made a beeline for the window...
It was a predominantly lady-event...
 Below: She won a raffle as I was drawing her and the prize was a Pentax camera!!!
This is Deano, magician-agent and photo booth machine attendant for the day. Course I had to draw him. :-) Below are some ridiculous results of Kelly and I in the photo booth...
The afternoon found us in a theater lounge, displacing the house restaurant for the afternoon!.
Good thing I had brought my tiny clip-on light, it did the job just fine:
And again, it was a lady-populated event:

The next day, I finally got to EAT at a pancake breakfast, not just draw:

 Above: This is Jason, magician/balloon twister, who entertained my sitters as I drew.

The afternoon's festivities were in another restaurant, where the client told me exactly what she wanted on a sign:
Yup, we seated ourselves next to the window so we could see what we were doing!

There's Kelly!

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  1. These are great, Em. You two must have been exhausted by the end of the Stampede!