Monday, July 23, 2012

Company picnic...for a business whose product I can endorse!

Yesterday, I drew employees and their families for a Kia dealership...which is hilarious to me because out of all the vehicles out there on the roads, my own car's company somehow found me to draw for them!! (It's actually not the dealer where I bought mine, so this client had no idea---til I sent her a photo of my baby! She agreed we were a perfect fit!)

Had to laugh when I pulled into the leafy park where the picnic was being held and saw a bunch of my car's cousins. ;-)

So here are a few faces I whipped out on a warm summer afternoon...

(Also had to laugh when I realized my check from this gig could go right towards my car payment!!)

Here's a few more:

Thanks for having me!!!

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  1. Hi, Emily, great blog, I liked it so much!
    I'll follow you.
    Cheers froma Argentina.