Friday, July 13, 2012

More Canuck caricatures...

If you're going to have a national stereotype, who wouldn't want the Canadian one: that EVERYONE is so nice!!! I keep meeting more and more smiling, friendly faces here as I caricature my way through the Stampede. :-)
Most of the events are daytime ones, but this one was an evening bash:
These are Kelly Gannon's caricatures adorning our sign. They also actually adorned the videos that were playing all around the venue on screens:

The band that played first, as we began drawing, was an interesting sight, especially the lady. I got a kick out of her eccentric rhythm-keeping:
Here's a snippet of their performance:

I should also mention that this was the first time ever that I was given ear protection at a gig!
The paper was 8.5 x 11 again, and Kelly and I decided that we'd limit ourselves to single caricatures to make things easier on ourselves, what with the dark environment and crowded seating (we were in a lounge area). The printed border made things even smaller...
A couple and a father-daughter. 
 This lady wanted a photo with me! See, I have my earplugs glad I had them!
 There's Kelly cartooning up a storm...
 Two blondes, one sober, one not. You decide which is which!
What a difference a camera flash makes!
The headlining band was really good, and was playing Creedence Clearwater songs. We thought they were just a reeeeeeeally good tribute band, til someone told us they were 1/2 the real thing!
 Creedence Clearwater Revisited comprises the original bassist and drummer of CCR, with a new singer and guitarist. Listen to THIS!

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