Monday, July 2, 2012

Jazz Festival caricatures

This weekend, I once again braved the elements (a crushing heat wave) to ply my craft, but so did many others at the Chester County Jazz Festival...
The festival provided tents, so I (happily) didn't have to do that setting-up chore. My old stand-up vinyl banner made an appearance, but it will be its last, as I am getting a new one soon. :-)
The music was fantastic...and I mean FANTASTIC. What a pleasure listening to this as I drew!

 Next door, on the second day, was an old friend from the beginnings of my caricature career...
Happy Heart Clown! I didn't recognize her at first because she wasn't in full regalia (because of the heat). She painted faces alongside me and we had some shared customers. :-)
It wasn't too hot for Happy Heart and festival founder Anita Broady to do some dancing':

Here's Anita and her son:
Saw some crazy clouds were coming our way...
 Goodnight Chester County Jazz Festival!

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