Wednesday, April 10, 2013

25th anniversary caricature sign-in

Recently, I had a digital commission that resulted in this party sign-in caricature for these two! The client was the wife's sister, so this was a total surprise for the couple.
When I do a digital caricature, the client receives the file in several sizes, so they can use it for various things. The large print looks fine! My inventive client also had pins made out of the 2" x 3" size for all the guests-- Great idea!
Here's a look at the artwork itself:
It's my cartoon-style digital caricature, which is my most popular type of commission. 
This is what my client had to say: 

"They LOVED it.  A couple took a picture of the bottom of it so they would be able to contact you (your website is on there I believe).  They have an 80th birthday for a relative and they loved the idea.  My sister also said they would use you if they have the need.  Many said it was the best that they have ever seen!  Thanks again!"

Thank YOU for the photos!! Today is their actual day, so happy anniversary, Melissa and Steve! 
(1988 doesn't seem like that long ago.)

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