Thursday, April 25, 2013

Emergency caricaturist to the rescue

Just as I was sitting down to dinner last night, I got a call from an agent whose artist could not make it to their gig RIGHT THEN at a local college...could I do it??

I made it there and was set up to go exactly an hour after the call. :-)
The students were happy to see me!
This young lady wanted her BFFs in the background.
Here's the young man in his entirety: ( awesome smile)
Even the security guard wanted one. I laughingly said I couldn't put "Class of..." on hers, and she said she had NO CLASS. So guess what went on her drawing ;-)
This was her reaction:

She literally gasped for air from laughing for several minutes after she saw it. Jeepers, I don't want to kill anybody!! (suffocation by caricature...)
Finally, as I was packing up, I noticed the room and halls were festooned with signs advertising that their get-together would have a was my friend Mac Garcia from Texas!!!!!! When I told the client, he said he just Googled "caricature artist" for an image to use on his flyers and that's the one he liked!!
When I got home, my Other Half reheated my dinner for me. :-)

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