Monday, April 15, 2013


In my previous blog post, I displayed my marker drawing of singer Adele that I'd entered in Traditional Caricature Art Contest on FB. Completely forgetting the "traditional" (natural media) part of the title, I went ahead and colored my drawing digitally with Photoshop...going for a watercolor look, and then entered the color version.
The moderator of said group, Mac Garcia, (whose piece has MY vote) sent me a very nice message explaining the rules  (there has been some recent controversy over people using digital manipulation of photos to produce "painted" caricatures, and this group completely sidesteps that problem by requiring all entries to be traditionally done) so I was laughing as I told him that it had just plain *slipped my mind*.
So now there are THREE versions, ( I entered a marker/color pencil one just now) and it's kind of cool to see the progression side by side. Of course, my favorite *IS* the digital one...

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