Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Happy 6th anniversary, "Emily's Caricature Sketchblog"!

Happy 6th anniversary to my blog, which was started on this date way back in 2007, and has had 1283 posts by now!

I can't believe I am starting my SEVENTH year chronicling 'all things caricature' in my life.

Every year, I use Blog2print to have a real physical copy of my writing and photos. These books are all quite thick, it's really a surprise to see how much happens in a year, especially as I couldn't possiby take a photo of every caricature that comes out of my pen...

Funnily enough, this article appeared in my feed this morning:
Would you still be writing (a blog) if no one was reading?

My answer is definitely yes. :-)


  1. Happy Anniversary! I'm still reading and every year it get's better. Thanks for being a great inspiration.

  2. Thanks Lou! Hope to see you at a convention eventually. :-)