Sunday, April 28, 2013

Wedding Shower with a view

Saturday afternoon held the second of four events for me this weekend...a wedding shower, held in a lovely condo overlooking the city. The bride and groom were both there, and they asked for a beach theme---because they'd already gotten a wedding-themed caricature at Disney World.

The bride sat on the most elegant shower throne I've ever seen:
Their friends and family enjoyed what came out of my pen:

This foursome ended up in tears of laughter when they saw the caricature ;-)
Below: Two young ladies asked me to draw a lime Lyme-themed caricature to tie in with a 5k walk in which they will soon be participating, in Orlando, FL:

After having a light supper, thanks to the hostess, I headed to my next event..a late-night post prom. 

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