Monday, April 29, 2013

Proceeding to a Post-Prom...

(which, luckily, had a start time about four hours after the end of my previous event) was no fun at all, as I crawled along in a horrendous construction-caused traffic jam that ate into my in-between-gig break. Took me over two hours to go about 30 miles. I listened to Nirvana and resisted the urge to text or check Facebook!
The night's theme was Time Machine, and the area in the school where three artists were to draw was called "What do you remember about the 90's?", so I had my Kurt Cobain caricature front and center on my easel:
And he was on me as well!
(now you know why I was listening to Nirvana)
My two colleagues for the evening/morning were the witty and urbane Gene Mater and the delightful Julie Borysowski:
Here they are before the students found us:
Kids finally arrived and we got down to business:
Below: Julie 
and Gene:
Now for some of my output:

Having done post proms for more than a decade now, it's startling to realize that this year's crop of high school seniors were born in 1995...Kurt Cobain was no longer even with us when these kids were born!!

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