Friday, April 26, 2013

College gig...starring Malcolm in the Middle!?!

This afternoon's event was situated on a university green, with bounce houses and bands and a caricaturist (my easel is over there, under the trees)
I happily drew student after student, accompanied to the strains of live music...

You can HEAR as much in this clip:

To my surprise, the students were all abuzz over the drummer for the band: Frankie Muniz, who starred in "Malcolm in the Middle" back in the 00's...he's grown up, but not upward ;-)
Even worse,  he might NOT be a giant..... (groan)

No, I didn't draw him, (although he would have been FUN---look at those TINY ears!) he had a huuuuuuuggge line of people waiting to get a photo taken with him. He wasn't  charging money for them to do so, which reflects well on him. :-)
After I wrapped up, I had a small commission to do:  a student wanted a caricature done on a cooler as a gift for her boyfriend. Gotta say I have never drawn (it's all marker) on a cooler turned out to both our satisfactions! :-)

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