Sunday, May 22, 2011

10th birthday party

Yesterday I was invited to draw at a 10th birthday party for the oldest daughter of a very warm-hearted, fun family. They'd had me for her 8th birthday party, too, and she asked to have me come back! :-)
Here's the birthday girl:

And here are her two sisters (the theme was 'pretty in pink')
Some guests:

...and Mom and Dad:
While I was drawing, the family and guests were enjoying viral videos from the internet on their big-screen tv, laughing out loud--this particular one I was able to see too, and I have to share it here:
The stairway was a little gallery of my past caricatures of the kids:
After I got done, they fed me some wonderful barbecued pork and beef (the dad is SERIOUS about his BBQ). Thanks for having me again!!! :-)