Wednesday, May 18, 2011

A beloved Nan's caricature

Recently, I had a very heart-warming digital caricature commission. Several brothers decided to honor their late grandmother by naming their new delicatessen after her and making her their mascot. Another family member found me online and had me draw Nan from some old photos as a surprise.
They're using her on their t-shirts and gift certificates!
The owner is below with the framed version.
I am so tickled to see my work used in this fashion!
The client had this to say when she sent me the above photos:

Hi Emily,
Nan's Caricature was a huge hit with the whole family, including Nan's daughter, the boy's mum.
So Nan is framed and sits proudly watching over the boys. We also used her on T-shirts (over their hearts) and on gift certificates (she's an authorized signatory).
Thank you so much! So many people have commented on your beautiful work and I've passed on your name to a few.
Best regards, Alice

Thank YOU, Alice and boys! Knowing my clients really love their caricature is one of the best things about my vocation. :)

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