Sunday, May 8, 2011

A bookish post-prom (not nerdy at all!)

VERY early on Saturday morning, I drew at a fantastic post-prom party:
Can you believe that's the front door of a high school? The theme was Beloved Books (think Twilight, Harry Potter, etc.)
This is the cafeteria:

I drew alongside friend and colleague, Colin Harris:

There's Colin, busy as can be.
I had my share of happy and excited teens:
 Click to to see the video reaction of the couple in the middle photo--I remembered him from last year!

Behind us, this is what was going on--karaoke music-video creation!! Lots of baaaaad singing and rapping! :-D (kept me entertained!)
This school's prom decorating team always outdo themselves on the bathrooms. At the packed community run-through immediately prior to the party, parents and visitors waited in long lines just to see the boys' and the girls' rooms. Here are my photos:
The boys' room: (click to make the photos bigger)

Below: the girls's room, "Welcome to Forks"...
I took a couple of videos before the prom-goers arrived.

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