Sunday, May 15, 2011

Friggatriskaidekaphobia 2011

Another crazy, busy gig weekend began for me on Friday (the 13th!) night with Friggatriskaidekaphobia 2011, an Anti-Superstition party/fundraiser hosted by the Freethought Society of Philadelphia:
It was held at a beautiful, breezy riverfront club, and we were right on the water:

Yes, that's me at my easel, costumed as an Anti-Superstition Treatment Nurse! Check out the fun sign provided to me:
Left: I'm not superstitious! Right: with Margaret Downey, founder of the FS and a good friend.
I was kept busy with all sorts of great faces. First off, guest of honor, noted blogger and scientist
PZ Myers, who asked for a squid to be included in his drawing, so I stuck it in his hair:

Of course, there were plenty of superstition-bashing party activities to indulge in...
Above: Under-the-ladder limbo!
Below: An open-umbrella dance floor!
 Below: two smiling dancers!
Some party accoutrements...a raffle winner got to break the mirror.
It's always a pleasure to take my other half to an event. And he's not superstitious either! ;-)


  1. Emily, what a wonderful time we had at the party. That's my boy Will in the gray "Green Day" T-shirt, and he absolutely treasures his caricature! It was so nice to meet such a lovely and talented artist as yourself.

  2. Thank you, Butch! I enjoyed meeting ( and drawing!) so many of you!