Saturday, May 28, 2011

An actual prom! (NOT the after-prom)

Last night, I drew at a Junior Prom and found out that strapless dresses are IN!
It was held in the ballroom of a 1920's grand hotel that was absolutely gorgeous:
That's the lobby, with prom-goers arriving, as seen from the second floor promenade. The ballroom was just as exquisite. That's my easel, below left:
Because I do so many after-proms, (where dress code is shorts, tees, and sometimes even PJs) I always get to see the elaborate hair-dos, but not the pretty dresses. This event changed that.  My favorite was the one below... she just looked so elegant!
Justin Bieber is still influencing some in the hair department:
Here are more dressed-up couples:

And a bevy of belles:

Out of curiosity, I kept track of how many I drew at this one. In four hours of non-stop drawing, I completed 55 faces. That's 13.75 per hour...pretty good for an old lady!

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