Saturday, May 21, 2011

A worldly post-prom: Ooh La La!

This morning I spent the wee hours drawing at another post-prom party. The theme was "The World is Yours" and of course, we ended up in Paris:
I got to work alongside John Sprague and Patrick Harrington, colleagues in caricatry. (Don't think that's actually a word, but it sounds good. Or maybe I just haven't gotten enough sleep.)
 We were situated off to the right of the stairway. The rest of this health club was also fitted out for the seniors: including the POOL!

 Yup! Las Vegas AGAIN!
Now for some faces:

Below: Pat and John in action at 3:30 am!
I walked out at 4:30 or so and it was still dark. Parents were already removing the decorations.

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