Monday, May 2, 2011

A very happy 65th birthday party

On Saturday night, I was the resident caricaturist for a surprise 65th birthday party--with a twist: the party was for the dad of my friend and fellow caricaturist, Colin Harris.  Colin wanted to enjoy the party along with his wife Martha and all their family and friends, and so he left the caricaturing to me! It's definitely an honor to be asked by a colleague to draw at a family party. And boy, did I have FUN!
Here's the man of the hour and his lovely wife, Colin's mom, giving me the (bandaged) THUMBS UP! ;-D
I think I drew mostly couples all night, here are a few more.

 Above: Brother and sister, can you tell?
The DJ was especially good at this party, and played lots of cool stuff, as the birthday boy is a big Beatles fan (like me!)
I have a video snippet on my Youtube channel, click here to see (Colin cameos in it, too!)
Thank you Harris family, for having me!


  1. Emily - I'm so excited we made it to your blog!!! You were WONDERFUL....loved you. You are the sweetest person. Had a lot of fun with you, and everyone LOVED their caricatures. Thanks so much for giving Colin the night off!!! Thanks again from the bottom of our hearts!!!!! Glad you enjoyed your special Queen song.

  2. The pleasure was all mine!!! Thank you!! :-D