Friday, May 4, 2012

13th century caricatures?

On my recent jaunt to Thailand to visit my son, I did see some caricatures here and there... however, on my return trip, which had a 4-day layover in southern England (it's probably an exaggeration to call four days a layover, but it was my Christmas gift from my Other Half) I didn't get to see any live caricaturists. Guess we just didn't hit the right places. But caricaturing might be a part of the skill set of the artisans who created these:

 They're some of the decorative gutter-spouts on Salisbury Cathedral, which has the tallest church spire in all of England:
Just amazing what people could do in the Middle Ages!!!
This photo was taken in the cathedral's  cloister, again the largest example of its kind in the land.
If you're an artist in Salisbury in the twenty-first century, here is your art supply store :-)

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