Monday, May 21, 2012

"Dressed to the Nines" prom-goer caricatures (with video!)

On Saturday evening, I drew at a high school Prom (as opposed to Saturday morning, when I drew at a post-prom). This means: gowns, tuxes, bling, and elaborate hair!! It's a far cry from the frumpery-that-I-thought-was high-fashion for proms of my era in the early Eighties...

The main ballroom held most of the kids. Another caricaturist whom I'd never before met, Pete, and I were situated in a nice side room:
 We were representing Visual Design Associates for this event.
Dinner was served to us on a small table next to our easels.! I took a bite in between every drawing. 
I managed to get a few reaction videos, too:

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  1. Nice Emily! Thanks again for doing this gig, it looks great:)