Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Vineyard wedding with caricatures!

On Sunday, I found myself in a big white tent amidst a scenic vineyard, drawing at a wedding reception!
It was decorated soooooo nicely-- in sage green and buttercup yellow: (which can also be wine colors;-)

The bride and groom were very eye-catching, she in her frothy bridal gown and he in his seersucker suit:
And now for some caricatures of guests:

 The couple above were sitting for me when the bride and groom came over and told us they saw the caricature--while they were dancing their first dance-- and it made them laugh!
 Yes, he asked for a machine gun!!

 Above: The bride's mom, and her sister and brother-in-law.
Below: The beautiful and effervescent bride and groom... I even got his peach -colored socks in the caricature.
And now for 30 seconds out of four hours of fun:
Thank you so much Kevin and Amy-- Congratulations to you! 


  1. Thanks again for drawing at our wedding! You may have been a bigger hit than we were!
    Kevin and Amy Farrell

  2. No, YOU were the biggest hit!! What a great wedding reception, and you guys are great together! Thank you for having my caricatures be a part of it! :-)