Thursday, May 31, 2012

50th anniversary digital caricature being put to use

Nothing makes me happier (in a caricature sense:-) than seeing my commissions do their thing! I just received this photo from an anniversary party held this past weekend for a long-married couple:
It looks like it was printed full size on 18 x 24 foam core board (something I recommend clients do at Fedex Office, which used to be Kinko's. They do a good job.) and the guests are signing on the background, which is the couple's wedding color from 1962.  My client (their daughter) told me she printed the party-favor versions (I send a sheet with every commission)  on magnet paper and gave them to guests. What a great idea, I'll be sure to tell future clients that one. Thank you!!
Here is the artwork:
Congrats to you both!!

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