Monday, May 7, 2012

Bride and groom and guests at the Bellevue...

On Saturday evening, I was honored to have my caricatures be a part of a beautiful wedding reception held at the historic Bellevue Stratford in Philadelphia. Here are the very happy and well-suited (the maid of honor's toast had everyone close to tears) couple...
Initially, I started out on a balcony overlooking the ballroom for the cocktail hour, this was the view looking down:
Of course, most of my caricatures were twosomes:
Above: Unfortunately, this particular photo does NOT show the almost perfect symmetry of the dad's hairstyle...but my caricature does! :-)
After an hour, everyone moved down to the ballroom itself for dinner and dancing, and so did my portable French easel and I. In fact, I carried it down this stunning elliptical marble staircase in its fully open position. Those of you who know of my propensity to be a klutz will doubtless be surprised I made it without a hitch! ;-)
More happy faces:
Above: When I saw this lady's glasses, I just said, "NON-CONFORMIST!!!" and she laughed and said, "YES!" Below: The bride and her adorable mother:
The band, Tribeca Grand,  played everything from "At Last" to "Play that Funky Music" and their energy was palpable:
Here's my view from my second caricature spot and a photo of  the lovely cake..

The bride asked to me to stay on a little longer to accommodate more people, which I gladly did. Thank you so much, Amy and Dan!! My best wishes to you both!
I managed to get a few snippets of video, some from during set-up time and then a little bit of the band. 
Had to laugh at the music playing while everyone went about making ready for the guests to arrive:

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  1. Emily, you were a big hit! Everyone loved you and your talent! Thanks again,

    Amy, aka "The Bride" :)