Thursday, May 24, 2012

A day spent drawing in Charm City...

Yesterday was kids-on-field-trips day at Camden Yards, but I caricatured all ages:
She was wearing a Beatles t-shirt! 
These two were on their honeymoon!
This little guy was a cutie:
There was a special for students to get a BW-but-no-shading profile done, and we did LOTS of those. Here is one of mine--I'm glad I had my wide Copic marker with me for dark hair:
I also had a reject yesterday...seems it always happens in Baltimore! Two twenty-something guys came along and wanted batting poses; my colleague Gary did one and I did the other. When I'd finished, my guy looked as his and said, "Do I really look like that? That goofy??" His friend laughed and said, "Yeah!" but my guy continued looking at it with puzzlement on his face. Then he asked me if he could go off and show his other friends to see if they liked it.  I replied he'd have to pay for it if he took it anywhere. Then he asked if he could photograph it and text it to them! I said, "No, same deal applies. You have to pay for it before you can do anything with it... if you're not happy with it, you don't have to buy it."  So he apologized,  and I said no big deal, people have different tastes. He then opted to have Gary re-do him, which is the same thing that happened last time! :-) 

There was plenty to catch one's attention yesterday, here are some sights (and sounds!)
The stuff fans wear to games (?!)
This guy happened by, and his t-shirt had a caricature of the O's manager, whose name is Buck and they're having a great season so far; well, you get it, right?
Rick got to draw another exuberantly-attired fan:


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