Saturday, May 5, 2012

Sunny Days 2012

For the second year running, my caricatures have been a part of the annual fundraising event for the Domestic Violence Center of Chester County, a cause to which I am pleased to contribute. The venue is the beautiful Brandywine Manor, a hidden jewel of Chester County:
I started out on the terrace:
Then I moved inside the tent after thunderstorms with light-show-lightning arrived:

These two ladies were drawn last year, too. As I progressed with this one, I told them it was "another winner". They agreed with belly-laughs!

The band, "The Strangers", was quite good and I just had to get a snippet of this song:
These next two photos were taken by Allison Benford, a lovely young lady who was photographing and Twittering for the Downingtown Dish:
 Above: A place-saving caricature...
Below: In the act of caricaturing Allison herself.
As always, thanks for having me, and I have as much fun as my subjects!

Update 5-7-12: Here is a link to Allison's and Downingtown's Dish's album of the event-I'm in a few of the photos!
Sunny Days 2012


  1. was wonderful to have you with us again at Sunny Days. Everyone loved their are SO talented!
    Terry Moody, DVCCC

  2. You're very welcome, Terry, it was truly my pleasure!