Monday, June 10, 2013

An 'Anglophile' 8th grade grad party...

When I walked into the church basement for this gig, it was like walking into an Anglophile's dream!
 Complete with Wills and Kate walking out of Westminster Abbey!

 Shagadelic, baby!

 Of course, the Beatles made an appearance. :-)
 So did Her Majesty!!
 Tee hee! I got up in her personal space... (more so than the last time...on my first trip to London in 2012, my Other Half and I were standing in front of Buckingham Palace when she was driven in! We watched her standard go up on the flagpole five minutes later!))
 ...and did the same with The Duke and Duchess:
Ok, enough of being a tourist. I did DRAW at this party:
It was another 'unusual' one, in that I had two hours to draw 46(!), had to dispense with my customary shading---it was linework only:
 He's the only "in-the-chair" photo I took, towards the end when I realized they'd all be done on time...the kids were hanging them on a clothesline to my left, so gauging my level of completedness was not too hard.
I DID IT!!! with five minutes to spare!!
 Here's a closer look. These students had a HUGE variety of eyebrows...
It was only upon leaving that I got to photograph the entrance:
What fun! Thank you for finding me on Gigsalad!

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