Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Backyard Sweet 16

Event #3 of the day: My last party on Saturday was truly a sweet 16. The young lady's parents turned their yard into a party room, and their back deck into a dance floor with lights and a DJ! 
I arrived just before dark and drew the birthday girl first, in color:
Then I got started on ALL 30 of her friends:
Party rockers in the house tonight!
Here's the nice tent they'd set up for me:
And my view as I drove home after a very busy day!


  1. your live caricatures are perfect. I admire your confident style. How much time do you spend to draw all 30 caricatures?

  2. Thank you Gianmaria! It took me about two hours, give or take a few minutes. Confidence with the pen comes from drawing many thousands of faces over the years. ;-)

  3. Carolyn HoughtonJune 20, 2013 at 6:21 AM

    Thanks so much for your beautiful drawings! The girls are still talking about how much fun they had watching you draw them and are so happy to have portraits to keep. You really made the party a hit!!!!

  4. Thank you Carolyn! That's what makes live caricature such a value...entertainment at the party AND a memento to keep forever! :-)